Machine Learning

Grid Search for Email Classification

As continued from the Supervised Classification Post, we have been running grid search on the email classification algorithm varying Gamma and C.  The result are as below. Each column represents a Gamma value and each row represents a C value. The value of the internal grids themselves are error rate percentage for the given value of Continue reading Grid Search for Email Classification

Learning to data crunch – My foray in Machine Learning

Those who know me well would have known that I had taken a break from my job for my pregnancy and am now enjoying my son’s company.   But my hands itched to code and to create. I have been fleshing out my pet project and experimenting in crawling and natural langauge processing.  The project Continue reading Learning to data crunch – My foray in Machine Learning

Email Classification – Supervised Learning

Background:  Learning to Data Crunch. The first challenge I set for myself was email classification. While spam classification might seem like beating a dead horse. some of my reasons for choosing it is as below It had to be based on text processing as that what is most of my personal projects are based on. Continue reading Email Classification – Supervised Learning