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From my notebook – 4th August 2011

Today I’ve been consumed by a great urge to write. Write into a notebook. I dunno why but I’ve never been very successful writing/typing into my laptop. One reason being, I’ve never found a good software that has a right balance of online and offline support to act like an always-available-notebook. Another being, all those open windows that are so distracting. So anyways I felt it would be fun to yield to this wish and see where it goes.

I used to do a lot of writing while at school. Now, though, I usually avoid writing of all kind unless it has a ‘real’ purpose. This is because my time is split between managing my house, caring for my son and working on my pet project. But today I will just let my intuition take over. Of late I find that my intuition is most often right. What is most surprising is that the moment I took my pen in my hand, I feel so refreshed and the tiredness that seemed to be clogging my mind evaporates away. May be I should write more. Maybe I should listen to my intuition a little more and that might really help me handle the restlessness I occasionally feel.

We’ve been doing a pet project for sometime now (monstrous in resources though!). Its like holding a candle in the dark. I know I need to push forward but I see only a few paces at a time. But i wholly enjoy it and my intuition says it will work. Time will validate that!

Now I feel like blog posting all that I wrote and so here it is!

PS: The feel of my pen moving smoothly on paper producing tracing out my feelings as text is so amazing!

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