iTunes on Linux Mint – TunesViewer

Well, the title is kinda misleading, as no one has yet produced a satisfactorily working installation of iTunes on Linux not even with wine.  I tried, and failed.  To put it in context, a few days back I came across the article “Harvard Statistics 110: Introduction to Probability, on iTunes”  on Hacker News.   I was looking at options to learn prob and stats properly and this course offered the best coverage I had ever seen.  I wanted to use the resource.  I tried installing wine and then itunes on wine.  But it did not work.  Most search results were dead ends.   So I went back to Hacker news post and looked at the comments section for clues.

That is were I came across the post by iamabhi9 recommending TunesViewer.  TunesViewer, in their own words, turns out to be ” a small, easy to use program to access itunes-university media and podcasts in Linux.” Caveat: This will not let you connect to iTunes store accounts or buy anything.

I do not care about iTunes store accounts as I am only interested in the university content.  Once installed, it blew my mind.  Everything from arts, history, brain evolution, Statistics, design, culinary skills to network security is all there. It also provides you the video links so that you may download it and view it at your leisure. I’m attaching a screen shot of the app at the end.  There is also an android version for those who are interested.

This is a shout-out for the TunesViewer developers who have done an excellent Job.

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