The Story of Sugru

Today I came upon a link on Hacker News.   When I clicked on the link, I was not expecting much, except that there might be something interesting, considering that it was on Hacker News’ front-page. What I saw, blew me away.  It’s the story of how Sugru was dreamt about in February 2003, how it evolved through conceptualisation, fleshing out the product, funding, branding and what not to where it is today, serving customers in all 7 continents.

The page is so beautiful, light and well laid out,  kinda like a fairy tale beautifully told we know will have a happy/magical ending.  But the reality would have been anything but that.  Years of labour, sweat, empty pockets and uncertainty of what the future holds. Yet, they persevered, and powered on through.  In today’s entrepreneurs’ era, where everyone seems to make it big overnight, when an idea flashes into the mind, and immediately everything falls into place, Sugru shows the real grit and determination that is essential to make great products.  You know, there are some stuff that does take half a decade to build! And every minute of it is totally worth it! Kudos, team!

So why do I blog about it?  I don’t think my blog would have even an infinitisimal effect on their online presence. So whats the ‘head fake’ in this, as Randy Paush would call it?  This is not for the world or Sugru.  This is for me.  This story affected me so much, it is not enough to bookmark it or tweet it.  It needs to be edified in stone, or in something as close to it.  So on some rainy day, when everything seems cold, dark and cloudy, I would know where the fireplace is.

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